Yamaha F325 Acoustic

Yamaha F325 Acoustic Guitar Ultimate Review

The Yamaha F325 in review has a pretty high action which is not surprising as I have observed the same in other acoustic guitars I have played with. You can adjust this to your choice by purchasing a tool that can be obtained from most guitar supply stores.

Hi buddy, are you starting out playing guitar? If yes, then today, I will show you one of my favorite guitar reviews for starters: the Yamaha F325 review.

Yamaha F325 Folk Guitar Natural Review

Yamaha, a renowned name, is well known for its contribution to the automobile, electronics, and marine industries (vehicles-motorcycles, boats, engines, snowmobile sound systems, etc.).

Unknown to many, Yamaha has been making instruments (musical keyboards, guitars, etc.) for over six decades, and surprised, yeah? I must confess that they have a lot of experience on their resume. Yamaha does offer some of the best pocket-friendly guitars you can find on the market today.

Yamaha guitars have been a favorite of countless celebrities, including John Lennon, Bob Marley, Brian May, Paul McCartney, and many others. The Yamaha F-series has a lot of acoustic models, including the F325, and the F-series is primarily an entry-level Yamaha guitar category.

I ordered a Yamaha F325 guitar and was wowed by its look, but I was disappointed it came without a case. It is understandable in its price range, so I went ahead to see what it comprises.

The Yamaha F325 acoustic guitar is excellent, I have to confess, with its classic complete dreadnought finesse look and shape. It produces a tremendous mellow and pleasing sound with impressive resonance.

Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F325 I am reviewing is a Folk Acoustic Guitar. The sound is not too loud or too quiet; it just sounds perfect for its value. Although, you should not expect it to sound like its expensive counterparts in the market. Overall, it stays in tune and still offers excellent value at its price range.

I have played several small-budget guitars, and one of the problems typical with them is their inability to stay in tune. This is mainly due to the quality of the tuners used (low quality) and the instability of the strings causing the guitar to go off-tune.

This can be very annoying for guitar players, especially during practice sessions. They have low-quality tuners, so the strings do not stay in place, causing your guitar to go out of tune unexpectedly. This can be quite a nuisance while practicing.

You won’t have a problem if you need a backup while singing because the Yamaha F325 is an excellent backup option. Furthermore, it has a firm and solid build quality that you don’t have to worry much about its durability.

The Yamaha F325 acoustic guitar is best for beginners to intermediate players as it is easy to play and needs little or no tuning out of the box. So if you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of guitar playing, the Yamaha F325 is a great option.

Today, the Yamaha F325 guitar is famous mainly due to its stability in tune, build quality, and unusual sound. One significant aspect of the F325 is you don’t have to break the bank to purchase one like every other Yamaha guitar. They are generally affordable in their category but still deliver top performances.

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Yamaha F325 Review: Build Quality

The Yamaha F325 Guitar Natural may be affordable. Still, it has this premium and rich feel and looks, unlike other guitars in its category, with flimsy plastic pickguards and an average finish. These features place it on high shoulders with some great guitars in the market today.

As mentioned, the build quality of the Yamaha F325 is solid. It has an entire classic dreadnought-shaped body with a non-non-cut-away instruction. You can also notice the laminate spruce top, which is quite sturdy with its glossy finish.

The Yamaha F325 is challenging as it can withstand harsh conditions that instruments are mostly subjected to when moving around. The Top panel has a native binding, and Nato wood was used in making the neck of the Yamaha F325 guitar. The dovetail joint, found at the neck, is set at the standard 14th fret.

If your hands are not as small as mine, the neck of the Yamaha F325 will feel quite good. The nut is 11/16-inch-wide; there are 20 frets (14 accessible) and dot position inlays with a 25 ½-inch scale. The Chrome die-cast tuners in the F325 add the most premium look to the guitar without the price. Also, the steel truss rod found in the neck of the Yamaha F325 keeps it straight despite the strings’ tension.

On further examination, I observed that the back and sides of the Yamaha F325 guitar are made of meranti wood (a light hardwood sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines with properties of mahogany). I was not surprised that the spruce top was bound due to its price range.

Rosewood was the choice of Yamaha for the fretboard and bridge (the bridge has a deck shape) of the F325 guitar. On the Rosewood fretboard, you’ll see a simple dot and an adjustable truss rod. I was attracted by the chrome-plated die-cast tuners on one end of the neck. The same can’t be said of the other end, as there is a compensated plastic bridge saddle.

One downside to me is the lack of more than one strap pin. I was unhappy with that and tended to ask why manufacturers limit us to just one. That notwithstanding, the Yamaha F325 guitar is well put together. However, there are a few imperfections here and there. I love the high gloss polish and the tort tortoiseshells. They give it a unique style.

Yamaha F325 Review: Sound Quality

The Yamaha F325 guitar provides an excellent and resonating tremendous for its price range. It is kept in tune by the steel truss rod and the tuner found at the neck.

The sound was relatively balanced with each string when I ran a few scales with a warm tone. The Rosewood fingerboard plays its part as it adds to the tone quality of the Yamaha F325 guitar.

One of the great features of the Yamaha F325 guitar is the laminated spruce top. The spruce top contributes to the resonance and overall volume of the guitar. The Yamaha F325 has excellent versatility as it can be used by beginners and those who have been playing guitar for years.

The Yamaha F325 in the review has a pretty high action which is not surprising as I have observed the same in other acoustic guitars I have played with. You can adjust this to your choice by purchasing a tool that can be obtained from most guitar supply stores.

The Yamaha F323 guitar can be used privately or for performances when required because of its audio capability. Although the guitar lacks an electric output amplifier, it still produces decent sound for its price.

Yamaha F325 Review: Pros and Cons


  • One thing I love about the Yamaha F325 guitar is the stability it offers
  • The Yamaha F325 guitar is also fun to play
  • It also has a sturdy and good Feel
  • The sound produced is amazing
  • It stays in tune
  • Needs little or no tuning out of the box


  • It lacks an electric output amplifier
  • It does come with a case
  • It lacks a strap at the neck side of the guitar

Yamaha F325 Review: Editor’s Rating Card

Head and Neck

The quality of materials used for the head and neck of the Yamaha F325 is okay for their price range.


One of the high points of the Yamaha F325 is the sound quality produced.


The hardware employed is quite decent for this price range. I only really expected a little from Yamaha. Overall, it contributes to delivering high performance.


The Yamaha F325 is an excellent value for money for intending guitarists or beginners as it offers the necessary things they need without much complication.

Yamaha F325 Acoustic Guitar Ultimate Review

  • Head and Neck – 8.5/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Hardware – 8.5/10
  • Value – 9/10
My verdict about this guitar

If you are looking for a great acoustic guitar that you won’t break the bank for, the Yamaha F325 will stick to your checklist. With its classic vintage appearance and style, you won’t go wrong with it. There are various options of colors to choose from.

The Yamaha F325 guitar is an excellent choice for its price as it delivers superb performance string after string. The dual-action truss found in the neck of the guitar is quite helpful as you can adjust it to raise or lower the height of the string to your choice.

The out-of-the-box tuning of the Yamaha F325 is excellent. Hence it would help if you had little or no adjustment when you buy one.

Besides, the guitar is easy to tune, and the slim neck makes it comfortable to play for an extended period. It can be a gift to music lovers, intending guitar players, intermediate players, or anyone who loves playing the guitar. It is also ideal for travel due to its physical properties.

It is nice to buy, offering excellent sound quality with a decent balanced volume. Also, its durability is top notch as you don’t have to worry much about it, as it will serve you for many years.

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