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Welcome To Online Guitar Lab To Polish Your Guitar Skills!

If you’ve decided you want to be a guitarist and have questions about which guitar to buy, want to find the guitars price, whether cheap guitars have quality and also questions about other equipment and accessories you’ll need, then you have come to the place right!

If you want to learn guitar online, but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

My Guitar Means Everything To Me

Hi, my name is Sheldon M. Mauldin, and I’m a crazy fan of the guitar.

I picked up my first guitar, more than ten years ago. Before that, I had never even touched a guitar. My friend told me that “you can’t just buy a guitar without playing someone else’s first.”

I had other ideas and bought myself a guitar.

“Smoke on the Water” is my first song that I played with my guitar. Composed by Deep Purple, it’s a very popular song which was supposed to be the songs for beginners. It is a really easy song to learn, but at that moment, I found it was very hard to do, and I had thoughts of giving up. I felt like giving up whenever someone asked me to play something for them, and I couldn’t.

But I did not. I always keep in mind a particular saying goes, “You have worked hard and don’t let all those efforts go down the drain. Continue to do your best and success would always follow you!”

Time have changed, I had worked hard. After playing guitar for a couple of years, I knew I could play most of my favorite heavy metal songs, which I never thought I could achieve. I learned it all by myself. The Internet is my School, Google is my Teacher, FB is my Book, and Forums is my Friend.

I had never quitted, I promised myself, no matter how hard it is, and how little time I have to practice. And If I didn’t reach a level that I wanted to reach, I’d be very disappointed with myself for the rest of my life. I dreamed of being on a stage. Yes, I had a lot of dreams of me being on stage singing my heart out, and everybody in the audience just looking at me like wow. All my family is usually there and everyone I know…

Considering how many people quit after starting? And I think my progress had been excellent.

And I know you understand how I felt.

Yes, it has been my cherished dream to play the instrument like a real professional. However, I could not find a great teacher for me. Everybody was ready to fill the head of his student with useless pieces of theoretical knowledge, but my intuition told me I didn’t need anybody to introduce me to the magical world of music.

Dear, my friends, who are reading my story.

I know that you are here because you need to find your own guitar, dream to become a guitarist or just want to find a personal instrument advisor. Keep in mind that one day you will find yourself on the stage with Gibson in your hands. And today, I’m sure you’ve come to the right place!

I’m here at Online Guitar Lab as an advisor for you who are the beginner, love the guitar and want to join and be professional in the guitar world. I’m here to help novice the guitar learners and beginners to develop their abilities, help them to find the right guitar for their own. I have read everything that has fallen into my hands on the subject. I even attended as a student in a group course three months for beginners to see it from the side of the students and “live” their fears, difficulties, concerns, and problems.

At Online Guitar Lab I can help you get starting guitar with guaranteed success!

From my personal experience, I can say that all newcomers come across similar difficulties concerning the practical application of theoretical knowledge. The tips on Online Guitar Lab will help you concentrate on essential things about the guitar. You should try hard to achieve an excellent performance, but the result is really worth it.

Do Not Waste Your Precious Time On A Ton Of Inapplicable Pieces Of Advice!

As you are a beginner, you can spend days, weeks, months and years reviewing network pages trying to find the right one for you.You’ll always find better than before, and you can get caught in a spiral of permanent search entirely useless.

Stop the constant search wheel and start from the scratch guitar!

I can understand the feeling of so many options and various articles out there can confuse you. I know it is so hard for you to choose the right guitar, play beginner song and not to give up from the very beginning. The feeling of uncertainty has not left me for many years as well, so I want to make your learning process an enjoyable piece of cake.

Take a closer look at Online Guitar Lab where I feature guitar techniques in detail. This information is here to help you, make you confident in the first step to a stage performance and assist you in step-by-step during your learning process. I personally think it’s considerable to start your preparation with classical basics since you’ll be playing compositions written specifically for your instrument that will help you improve your technique as quickly as possible.

On this website, I introduced the most valuable tips resulting from getting bumps and bruises in guitar basics. Moreover, I accurately resume network information for every newcomer who wants to join a large guitar community.

Get visible results on the spur of the moment!

Just START! And practice with your guitar now.

I wish you the best of luck on your guitar journey!

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