Cordoba C5 Review:

Cordoba C5 Review: An Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Ultimate Review

The sound of the C5 is excellent, and so is the quality of the strings and tuners it comes with. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a classical guitar and don’t want to replace guitars frequently, you should go with the Cordoba C5.

If you are looking for a perfect classical guitar, you must read my Cordoba C5 review!

Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

Classical guitars are beautiful to hear and lovely to look at. They never fail to remind us of those romantic Spanish movies where the hero fights the villain with the backdrop of the fluctuating tones of a classical guitar.

Sometimes referred to as a “Spanish guitar,” a classical guitar uses nylon strings instead of the usual steel strings, which give the guitar a mellow tone with a different sound altogether. Although classical guitars can be played with a pick, they are more used for the fingerpicking style of the right hand. This guitar is instrumental as a solo instrument and heavily used in concerts, all because of its unique design and distinct sound.

The Cordoba C5 is a classical guitar that stays faithful to the heritage of classical guitars. It is one of the selling light-weight full-size classical guitars and has been built in the vintage Spanish style. At around $350, the Cordoba is an excellent package for any guitar enthusiast. It is an original Iberia series model with distinctive looks and sound. I’ll discuss the C5 in detail and give you an idea of its playability and value for money.

All About The Cordoba C5

Founded in 1997, the Cordoba brand has evolved a reputation of making one of the most affordable and high-quality nylon and steel-stringed guitars available in the market. The Cordoba C5 belongs to their line of Iberia nylon guitars and has always been a highly recommended guitar for beginner to intermediate players.

The C5 is a full-size classical guitar with Canadian Cedar top and Mahogany sides and back with a Rosewood fingerboard. The guitar is claimed to be handmade in the traditional Spanish style, and as I went over the guitar, it certainly felt like it was. This final review will cover this guitar’s main features and provide the information you need to decide whether this classical guitar is right for you.

Cordoba C5 Review: How It Looks

All classical guitars are amazing to look at. They will no doubt remind you of those musicians who used only one guitar and created more soulful music than whole bands combined. The Cordoba C5 is no exception.

The high-gloss finish of the Cordoba gives the guitar a great rich brown shine, which is a charm to look at. I also cannot stress enough how perfectly the grains of the Cedar top is arranged, which again adds to the looks. This guitar does feel like an old guitar-maker made it in a village in Spain. The Canadian Cedar top is a good choice and is better than the laminates used by many beginner classical guitars regarding both looks and sound.

The Cordoba C5 also features an all-wood inlaid rosette, adding color to the guitar. The headstock of this classical guitar is hand-carved and, surprisingly, comes with great tuners. It is pleasing to find such a low-priced guitar paired with a well-made headstock and sturdy tuners.

One thing Cordoba has done smartly is to make the C5 in different versions of sizes and electronics. The C5-CE version features a cutaway with a 2-band pickup system, making the guitar a top choice for playing live and recording. And if you are looking for something different, this particular version comes in jet black too. The other three versions are smaller and have the same features as the C5, which is helpful if the guitar is for children.

In other words, the C5 is a beauty. You won’t be disappointed with the glossy looks of your first classical guitar, crafted with excellent wood and coupled with decent tuners. It would help if you also considered the availability of the different versions as an advantage, as it means you need not give up one feature for something else. You can easily choose which option suits you best.

Cordoba C5 Review: How It Builds

The Cordoba C5 is a full-sized guitar, also available in smaller sizes. The Canadian Cedar top gives the guitar a rugged feel, and the Mahogany sides, back, and neck match the top perfectly and produce a loud, balanced tone. It is undoubtedly better than most of the beginner classical guitars with laminate wood in them.

The headstock of the C5 is another great thing about it. It is handcrafted and fitted with good quality tuners, which do not tend to slip much. The bone nut and saddle also fit nicely, with the bridge holding the strings. This guitar feels solid and comfortable to hold from top to bottom.

As is the rule with classical guitars, the neck is more comprehensive than you’d expect from a steel-stringed acoustic. The Rosewood fingerboard feels spaced out and smooth, with the frets not sharp and uneven in height. The wide neck may feel too big for small hands, but this is how classical guitars are made and how they get that unique sound. As I mentioned earlier, there are smaller sizes you can try your hands on and check whether the wide neck suits you or not.

All in all, the guitar is very well crafted. With a combination of Mahogany and Cedar, the body sustains a warm tone, and the fretboard is smooth and easy to play, even though some may find the width of the neck to be a little too wide.

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Cordoba C5 Review: How It Sounds

This is where the Cordoba C5 outshines many guitars in its category. The guitar’s build promises loud and rich tones, which is what the guitar delivers. The C5 comes with nylon strings from Savarez Corum, which is a decent brand, though it will be better if you can spend a little more on the strings and upgrade them after a while. This will surely bring out the true capability of this guitar, and even you will want to keep practicing every day.

Straight out of the box, the guitar comes perfectly set up. The action is good, and so is the tuning. There is no chance of any strings buzzing if you maintain the action properly and keep using the guitar daily. There is a warm tone from the guitar, which is simply a delight to listen to, and when played directly over the soundhole with a little more power, the sound is loud and full.

Even if the body is made to be light and easy to hold, there is no diminishing of the sound. Even when unplugged, the sound is pretty loud and clear. The pickup is also of decent quality and produces a more than sufficient output. The balance between the bass and the treble is optimum, with the bass sustaining for a longer time. The sound is perfect outdoors and indoors, and the sturdy build will give you the confidence to take the guitar wherever you go and play as much as possible. The Cordoba C5 produces excellent tones and is perfect for classical, jazz, contemporary folk, and country music.

Cordoba C5 Review: My Personal Opinion

If you are in the market for a classical guitar with a decent budget of around $300-$400, then this guitar is the one to buy. Although you can find a classical guitar for a lower price, what’s the point if you are unhappy with it?

I have seen players using different brands of classical guitars, and I can confidently say that the Cordoba is the best for its price. I will not hesitate to recommend this guitar for a player looking for the classical tone in a comfortable and light body. The sound is clear and rich, and the hardware that comes with the guitar is of surprisingly good quality, which ensures that you won’t need an upgrade for many years.

The Cordoba C5 is an excellent value for money, and though it is a little more pricey than the lesser-known brands, it is more than just worth it. It is durable and comfortable, with different versions available to suit your needs. You can get the C5-CE if you are going to play on-stage, or if you have smaller hands or are planning to get the guitar for a child, there are the smaller sizes of 1/2 (Requinto), 3/4 (Cadet size) and 7/8 (Dolce). The C5 is a great guitar to have, and given its price, it delivers a lot more than the more expensive guitars of other brands.


  • The build of the Cordoba is excellent and will last many years of playing.
  • The hardware the C5 comes with – strings, tuners, and pickup – is excellent and needs no replacing. You can start playing it straight out of the box.
  • The sound is fantastic, with loud, sustained bass and a bright treble. There is no lack of volume, especially when played with some power directly over the sound hole.
  • The body is light and comfortable, and the nylon strings are not complex on the fingers, which is suitable for beginners.


  • It may seem expensive for a starter guitar, but this is how all good classical guitars are.
  • There have been some problems with the guitar’s bridge, and some people have complained that it will come off soon. But honestly, it happens with all brands. It is a broken piece that unfortunately got into the market by mistake.
  • The neck is broad and won’t be suitable for people with small hands and varied needs. They are better off with a steel-stringed acoustic, which is suitable for all kinds of sounds and has a thinner neck.

My final verdict

The Cordoba C5 is a classical guitar that matches the build of more expensive guitars. Though it is on the pricier side a bit, it is undoubtedly worth it. I do not recommend trying to save a hundred bucks to buy a guitar that won’t last and won’t sound good. The sound of the C5 is excellent, and so is the quality of the strings and tuners it comes with. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a classical guitar and don’t want to replace guitars frequently, you should go with the Cordoba C5.

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