Big Baby Taylor Guitar

Big Baby Taylor Guitar Review

Taylor is known to produce world-class guitars in many different price ranges and is considered one of the most trusted brands today. From classical guitars and acoustic guitars to electric guitars, you’ll see the Taylor name on top of the list of guitarists.

Taylor is known for doing its best to reach its wide range of customers, which is why they have created body sizes for its guitars. Their first innovation in acoustic guitars is the Baby Taylor, wherein you get a smaller guitar size. With its vast popularity and excellent execution, Taylor created a guitar that’s a little bigger than the Baby Taylor and a little smaller than your full-sized guitar. They introduced the Big Baby Taylor.

Big Baby Taylor is known for being cheaper than full-sized guitars of Taylor to capture the broader market for beginners and hobbyists guitarists. Not only has Taylor Guitars right about their decision, but the world embraced the new size of the guitar and its ability to project sound quality just like Taylor’s full-sized guitars.

All About the Big Baby Taylor Guitar



In the past, many people who want to own a Taylor guitar have almost the same problem, the price. But ever since Taylor Guitars started manufacturing guitars that can be affordable to the market, their ratings soared high and more people started to appreciate the company.

One of their affordable guitars is the Big Baby Taylor which only costs under $500. Even though this is cheaper than Taylor’s other guitars, you can still expect world-class build and sound quality that you can find in other Taylor guitars that are more expensive.

The Big Baby Taylor is smaller than full-sized dreadnought guitars but bigger when compared to the Baby Taylor. It has excellent action (distance of the strings from the fret) compared to its competitors at the same price range, which is good because it helps beginners and hobbyists play different chords easier.

Features of Big Baby Taylor

Taylor Guitars are known for using excellent materials for their guitars. They make sure that everything they include on their guitar has their corresponding contribution to the guitar’s built quality and sound quality, and the Big Baby Taylor is no exception.

Significant Baby Taylor Guitar – Composition

The Big Baby Taylor is known for its affordability, compactness, and excellent sound quality. The fingerboard of this guitar is made from Genuine African Ebony, a signature wood of Taylor Guitars. The fingerboard or fretboard produces the high and low pitches of the guitar.

The top is made from solid Sitka Spruce, considered one of the finest used today to distribute and filter the strings’ vibration. The back and sides are made from layered Sapele, which is less vulnerable to changes in humidity and temperature. This is perfect for those who like to travel and bring their guitars to ensure the guitar’s built; the look and sound quality won’t change.

It’s equipped with Taylor Standard Big Baby X-Bracing, which is a good touch by Taylor because they still gave the guitar their signature look even if the price is lesser compared to their other guitars. The neck is also made from Sapele, which has the Taylor Standard Big Baby Profile.

The Big Baby Taylor is also equipped with Chrome Big Baby Tuners and Buttons which help it stay in tune even if you constantly play it for hours. It also has a Micarta saddle and Nubone nut. It is an 80/20 brass-wrapped string which is suitable for the guitar.

How Taylor Big Baby Guitar Looks

The Big Baby Taylor has a price of just under $500, but it already comes with a lightweight gig bag with good padding for the guitar. With this addition, you can already save $50-$100 just by buying the Big Baby Taylor.

It has a heel-less neck design to improve a guitarist’s access to upper frets. It has a nut width of 1 11/16” and a scale length of 25 ½”. The guitar is 15/16th scale, has a finish of Matte 2.0, and is made for right-handed guitarists.

Baby Taylor’s Guitar Sounds

Even though the Big Baby Taylor guitar is a little smaller than the full-sized guitar, it has a sound quality that has excellent clarity and is very rich in tone. Many users have mentioned that the guitar can be played in almost every genre, which is excellent.

The guitar produces clean and perfect sound quality, which is also loud but not in a noisy way. I have the Big Baby Taylor, which I can guarantee gives excellent sound quality wherever you go. But I changed my strings to phosphor bronze strings of Ernie’s Hybrid Slinky Acoustic strings, which greatly enhanced the sound quality. It gives the guitar more character and texture, which is very important.

Big Baby Taylor Guitar – Personal Opinion

The Taylor Guitars have outdone themselves with the Big Baby Taylor. Not only does it answer many guitarists’ hopes and dreams, but they have created a lightweight, durable, good size, and excellent sound quality comparable to the quality of full-sized guitars.

When I was considering buying my very first Taylor guitar, I was astounded by how much price they put on their guitars. I wasn’t willing to spend $1500 for a portable guitar, so I looked for the Big Baby Taylor. At first, I didn’t quite believe what other people said about its sound quality, but when I played the guitar at our local store, I was surprised at the quality of its tone and its ability to be heard across the room.

You’ll feel comfortable playing the guitar for hours, and it stays in tune. It is light, simple, resonant, and durable, which is an excellent deal for a $500 Taylor guitar. Overall, I recommend the Big Baby Taylor for anybody who would like to have their first ever Taylor guitar with outstanding sound quality.

Pros of Big Baby Taylor Guitar

When talking about a Taylor guitar, you can expect it to have many advantages compared to its competitors. If you’re going to buy this guitar, here are some of its pros for you to know:

• It has good audio and can be heard throughout the room.
• The tone and sound are consistent wherever you go or at any temperature.
• It stays in tune because of the Chrome Big Baby Tuners.
• It is fun to play because it still has the right size, even if it has a 15/16th scale.
• It has a good feeling, even if you have big or small hands. Plus, you can easily change chords and frets because of the heel-less design.

Cons of Baby Taylor Guitar

Even though a well-known company has manufactured the Big Baby Taylor, it still has some minor disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage that people found on the Big Baby Taylor:

• It has more extensive straps than traditional dreadnought guitars, which can be troublesome for some who want to play their guitar while standing.

Comparing the Big Baby Taylor Guitar vs. Taylor GS Mini Guitar

Taylor Guitars manufacture the Big Taylor and the GS Mini. Both guitars are under $500, perfect for those looking to own an affordable Taylor guitar with excellent sound quality.

You might have difficulty deciding when choosing between the Big Baby Taylor and the GS Mini. They have almost the same price range, comparable sound quality, and are very portable. Comparing both guitars needs some close attention so that you would know which guitar is best for you.

Many people would instead choose GS Mini over Big Baby Taylor because it has better build quality, has better sound, and can be played more easily. It is even more portable than the latter guitar because it’s smaller.

If you’re looking for a guitar that has a louder sound and is close to the full-size of guitars, then you can easily choose the Big Baby Taylor because it’s bigger and has more power. But in overall quality, then the GS Mini is the guitar that you should go for.

Big Baby Taylor Guitar – Conclusion

When you’re looking for an affordable guitar that Taylor Guitars offers, you should check out the Big Baby Taylor. Considered one of the best guitars in the market today, this guitar is 15/16th scale which is a little smaller compared to the traditional guitars.

It has excellent sound quality but can be enhanced once you change the strings into something you’re more comfortable using and also has excellent quality. It’s durable, comfortable to use, and has a good action to make you play for hours. Overall, the Big Baby Taylor guitar is a good investment if you learn to play the guitar from something Taylor has manufactured.

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