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Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Brands In The World 2024

In this electrifying journey, we’ll unravel the artistry, innovation, and history behind the instruments that have shaped the landscape of modern music. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist, an aspiring musician, or simply someone captivated by the magic of sound, join us as we unveil the pinnacle of guitar excellence that this year has to offer.

From legendary names that have stood the test of time to cutting-edge newcomers redefining the boundaries of sonic possibility, this list is your ultimate guide to the brands that continue to resonate with players and aficionados alike. Let’s plug in and discover the harmonious blend of tradition and evolution that defines the top electric guitar brands of 2024.

1. Fender

The Fender musical instrument corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona, manufactures string instruments and amplifiers such as solid-body electric guitars, including the Stratocaster and Telecaster electric guitars. The company, previously called Fender electric instrument manufacturing company, was founded in Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender in 1946. Leo Fender also developed one of the first commercial successes of the solid body electric bass, the Precision Bass (P-Bass), that became known in rock, jazz, country, funk, etc.

The company is a secret society with a closed capital; most shares control property with managers and directors. Mondello William (Bill) is the administrative council president and a director, and Kerley Richard is the financial manager.

Fender’s headquarters is in Scottsdale, Arizona, manufacturing in Corona, California (USA) and Ensenada, Baja, California (Mexico).

We’ve discussed Fender much in other articles, and this brand needs no comment. Anyone who thinks the word “guitar” readily associates a Fender model in their head because it was the precursor of the branch. Is it any wonder that, to this day, they are produced pickups with the 50 technology because the Fender tone was already exceptional since its first fabrications?

Naturally, the brand has expanded and manufactures many other instruments and accessories today, but its main front has always been and will always be the guitar. Despite having many models listed above 10 thousand reais, you can buy an authentic Fender for $99 to thousand dollars. For those who have not so bullet in the needle, some more popular and affordable models are sold by brands administered by Fender, like Squier.

In my opinion, here is the top Fender electric guitar

For professional:

  1. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard – White Blonde
  2. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard – 2-Color Sunburst
  3. Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster – Black
  4. Fender ’50s Precision Bass, 2 Tone Sunburst, Maple Fretboard
  5. Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Maple Fretboard – Aged Cherry Sunburst
  6. Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard – Olympic White

For all:

  1. Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard, Arctic White
  2. Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar, Honey Burst, Maple Fretboard
  3. Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard, Butterscotch Blonde
  4. Fender Classic Series ’70s Stratocaster® Electric Guitar
  5. Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster HH Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard

For beginners:

  1. Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat Beginner Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard – Torino Red
  2. Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe, Maple Fingerboard – Black Transparent
  3. Squier by Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar – Antique Burst – Rosewood Fingerboard
  4. Squier by Fender’s “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set
  5. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar Pack with Fender FM 15G Amplifier
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2. Gibson – Best Electric Guitar Brands

The Gibson Guitar Corporation is the brand of electric guitar between the best brands in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, being a manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars. The Gibson also produces electric guitars under brands such as Epiphone, Kramer, Valley Arts, Tobias, Steinberger, and Kalamazoo.

Apart from electric guitars, the company also provides pianos through the Baldwin unity, Slingerland drums, and items and accessories. The company founder, Orville Gibson, made mandolins in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the 1890s.

He invented the archtop electric guitars using the same type of sculpture with the same arched top as the electric guitars. In the 1930s, the company made acoustic guitars with a flat top, like the first commercially available hollow-body electric guitars that were popularized and used by Charlie Christian. At the beginning of the 1950s, Gibson released their first solid-body electric guitar and the most famous electric guitar until now, the Les Paul.

After being bought by the Norlin corporation at the end of the 1960s, the Gibson quality and fortune declined until the beginning of 1986, when the owners rescued the company. Gibson Guitar Corporation is a private company (the company shares are not publicly traded) of the executive director’s property and President Henry Juszkiewicz H. David (Dave) Berryman.

Like Fender, Gibson was a branch precursor and could produce excellent and suitable guitars that prevented Fender from having a monopoly. This fight giant is right for us musicians, and it makes excellent quality companies need to reduce their prices to win the market. On the topic of pickups, we have already shown a little about the characteristics that mark. Gibson’s price range depends a lot on the guitar model but is close to Fender’s prices (they are competitors in the industry).

Top Gibson Electric Guitars:

  1. Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T Electric Guitar
  2. Gibson USA Les Paul Tribute T 2017 Electric Guitar
  3. Gibson Flying V-Pro 2016 T Electric Guitar, Wine Red
  4. Gibson USA Les Paul Studio HP 2017 Electric Guitar, Wine Red
  5. Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar

3. Ibanez – Best Electric Guitar Brands

The Ibanez is an electric guitar brand belonging to Hoshino Gakki and its headquarters in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Hoshino Gakki was one of the first Japanese musical instrument companies to earn an important position in the United States and Europe.

This brand has an extensive list of famous endorsers, such as George Benson, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. It was the first brand of Japanese instruments to be featured on the world market. It was very famous for producing models aimed at virtuosity and speed, the preferred becoming the “fryers.” It is the guitar used by guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Icon branch when it comes to performance.

Top Ibanez Electric Guitar

  1. Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar, Black
  2. Ibanez Grg121dx BKN (Black Night) Electric Guitar
  3. Ibanez Electric Guitar Artcore Tobacco Flat AM53TF
  4. Ibanez S670QM Electric Guitar
  5. Ibanez AS53TF Electric Guitar, Trans Finish
  6. Ibanez JEMJRWH Steve Vai Signature 6-String Electric Guitar
  7. Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar
  8. Ibanez RG8 – Black
  9. Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar
  10. Ibanez GRX20ZJB 6-String Electric Guitar – Jewel Blue
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4. B.C. Rich

B.C Rich is a producer of acoustic guitars and contrabass founded by the deceased Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969 and the beginning of 1970. Most of the electric guitars from B.C Rich are made in Asia, but Luthiers from the personalized store of the company continue to produce manufactured instruments. Hanser music group works in southern California in the personalized store of BC Rich. No wealthy family member has been involved in the BC Rich electric guitar production since 2001.

5. Charvel – Best Electric Guitar Brands

Charvel is an electric guitar brand founded by Wayne Charvel in Azusa, California, and later Glendora, California (only the postal code was in San Dimas). They became popular with rock star guitarists such as Eduard Van Halen (Van Halen), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Warren Demartini (Ratt), Dave Mercado (Lazaro), Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne), Vinnie Vincent (KISS), Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) and George Lynch (Dokken).

So the primary Charvel models were unique in remodeling and personalizing the Fender Stratocaster electric guitars. A Strat body model with a humbucker and a bridge system shake style constitutes them. Many other creations made under commendation are also available. The company is also known for its Strat electric guitar design, known by many guitarists as “super strat.”

Best Electric Guitar Brands

6. Epiphone

The Epiphone company is a musical instruments manufacturer founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos. The Musical Company of Chicago bought Company hone in 1957, owned by the Gibson guitar corporation. Epiphone was Gibson’s main competitor in archtop commerce.

The professional archtop, including the Emperor, Deluxe, Broadway, and Triumph, turned into competitors (some say that overcame) the Gibson. Not only electric guitars, but the Epiphone also made bass, banjos, and other string instruments. However, the company’s weakness during World War II allowed Gibson to advance.

The name “Epiphone” is a combination of the director’s nickname Epaminondas Stathopoulos, “Epi,” and “Phone,” the Greek word for “sound.”

7. ESP – Best Electric Guitar Brands

The first Esp electric guitar was made in Japan in 1976. The company ESP (electronic sound products) started one year before but only sold repositioned electric guitar products. ESP electric guitars and repositioned pieces continued to be sold exclusively in Japan for almost a decade before going to the U.S. market.

In 1983, the repositioned pieces were available 1984 in the U.S., and his electric guitars were shown in America. During 1984 and 1985, the ESP electric guitars attracted the attention of great guitarists such as Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), and Bruce Kulick (Kiss).

The ESP is still very popular nowadays. In the winter of 2008, ESP introduced over 50 electric guitars and bass models in the NAMM show. They also have a great selection of high-profile musicians on their list, including James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), Wayne Static (Static-X), Adler (Lamb of God), George Lynch, Ron Wood and the newest member Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi). The excellent ESP electric guitar quality will be around for many more years.

8. Jackson

Jackson is an electric guitar manufactured originally by managed and owned by Grover Jackson, Wayne Charvel’s partner from Charvel guitar repair. Everything started with the electrics guitar creation model “V” “Rhoads” originally made and used by the guitarist Randy Rhoads (and subsequently, used and promoted by Vinnie Vincent from (KISS) Vinnie Vincent Invasion after the accidental death of Rhoads. Grover put his name in the Rhoads because the design of the electric guitar was shocking for the typical consumer of the Charvel. This model inspired Grover to start Jackson’s company.

Wayne Charvel sold his participation in the Charvel to Grover Jackson on November 10, 1978. The store was located in Glendora, California. It produced electric guitars in this place between 1979 and 1986, when the company merged with IMC (International Music Corporation), a music instruments importer located in Texas. The factory next moved to Ontario, California.

9. Kramer

Kramer Guitars (Kray-MUR) is an electric guitar and electric bass American manufacturer. Kramer produced electric guitars and bass with aluminum necks in the 1970s and electric guitars with wooden fretboards for hard rock musicians in the 1980s. Kramer is a division of the Gibson corporation.

Kramer was one of the most popular electric guitar brands in the 80s and the most-sold brand between 1985 and 1986. At the height of its popularity, Kramer was considered a prestige instrument and endorsed by many famous musicians, including Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora, Mick Mars, Jennifer Batten, Tom Morello, e Vivian Campbell.

10. Yamaha – Best Electric Guitar Brands

In the last 40 years, Yamaha made organs, pianos, bagpipes, furniture, the phonograph, and finally, their first acoustic guitar in 1942. In 1965, a year after the Beatle’s legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, Yamaha started producing electric guitars with solid bodies. In 1966, they started making the electric bass as well. Until the 1970s, Yamaha was attracting the attention of great artists, such as Carlos Santana and Bob Marley, for being instruments of great design and quality.

The Yamaha electric guitars were made to a strong sound of medium tones and great sustentation. Besides that, the “Broad Bass” was introduced in 1977 and rapidly got the attention of famous players worldwide, such as Paul McCartney.

At the end of the ’80s, Yamaha opened a factory North of Hollywood, California. There they started producing electric guitars and called a few professional guitarists to help and advise them about what they would like to see in their electric guitars. One of the reasons behind Yamaha’s success with acoustic and electric guitars is the focus on their design.

Each electric guitar must have a balanced tone and response to the bass and acute sounds that must complement each other. For this reason, it is considered one of the best and most famous electric guitar brands.

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