Ukulele Sizes and Models

Ukulele Sizes and Models – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to know Ukulele Sizes and Models? You want to buy a ukulele but have doubts about the best size to start.

This post will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes of ukuleles (ukulele models).

Top Ukulele Models

First, there are four main types of ukulele: Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.


Length Fine Tuning Number of frets
20 “(51 cm) GCEA 12-15

This is the most used size for people. It makes most people associate the ukulele with this Soprano size, assigning the sound of this size as the classic sound of a ukulele.

Because it is small, it is the perfect size for traveling.


Length Fine Tuning Number of frets
23 “(58 cm) GCEA 15-20

The body and the Concert neck are greater than Soprano, and there is space between the frets, making it a little easier to play. It has that classic sound of the ukulele and the Soprano, but it is slightly higher than the Soprano.

It is common for children, adolescents, and women. It is common for people who feel uncomfortable with the tenor size. It has the same pitch as the Soprano and Tenor (GCEA). It has a sound a little thicker than the Soprano and has a more mellow sound.

LengthFine TuningNumber of frets26 “(66 cm)GCEA15+

The most popular size lately has been the tenor. It deviates a bit from the classic sound of the ukulele, sounding a little deeper. Most professionals in the tenor ukulele prefer.

Many people like to strum and prefer to use the first string with low-L (normal is high-G). Therefore, it is a more full-bodied sound. But for those who like to play only chords, I recommend using standard strings.


Length Fine Tuning Number of frets
30 ‘+ (76 cm) DGBE 19+

This ukulele size has a deeper tone and sounds a lot like an acoustic guitar. This site has little popularity because it is less portable than the others, and its afinição is entirely different from the previous size.

The Baritone strings are the same as the last four strings of a guitar. So the chords you will play on the guitar are the same and entirely different from Ukulele, Soprano, Concert, and Tenor. However, these ukulele chords are more accessible than the guitar.
Because of the excellent portability and easy chords, the first three sizes are much more attractive than the Baritone.

Ukulele Sizes and Models - find out

Alternative Ukulele Models


As the name suggests, the Guitalele or Guitarlele combines a guitar and a ukulele. It has been tuned like a guitar with the capo at the fifth fret. A guitar with a capo on the 5th would be the next pitch: ADGCEA. The guitarlele sounds more like a guitar than a ukulele.

There are a large number of guitarless to sell on the market. The most common is the Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele.

Ukulele Sizes and Models – Bass Ukulele

It seems unbelievable, but you can take the tuning of a bass ukulele. This is thanks to the polyurethane strings. The most famous brand is the Kala UBass. It is the size of a baritone ukulele, but it has the range of a bass. The afinição EADG is in the same octave as a low.

One tip, if you buy a Bass Ukulele, also purchase a bass amp because polyurethane strings do not produce much volume on their own, i.e., the sound volume will not be enough.

So what is the best size to buy?

Usually, beginners will start with a soprano ukulele because it is the best-selling size, cheaper, and easier to find in stores. However, the best thing you can do is go to the nearest music store and try different sizes of ukulele.

Ukulele Sizes and Models – Comments

Comment below. What is your favorite ukulele size? I have a ukulele Lanikai concert and tenor Cordoba. But my concert is always kept in the closet because it is much worse. My tenor, besides being electric, has a fuller sound and is pleasant. Moreover, the tenor of the houses is more prominent, something excellent for my chubby fingers.

Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below!

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